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  • Rosehouse

    I had been walking up and down South Broadway with my sisters for hours stepping into stores and scavenging clothing racks. We had just taken a break at the famous Sweet Action Ice Cream, and I was merely following my sisters south down the block. They soon darted into a store called “Rosehouse”. I had never heard of it or been inside, but the minute I stepped inside I was transformed into a world of sweet smells and lush gardens.

    It was kind of a surreal moment when the door closed inside of me. My eyes were filled with green plants and wooden tables, and I felt almost as if I had entered into a greenhouse just off of the bustling South Broadway. In a way, my experience in Rosehouse almost felt as if it were some sort of escape. As cheesy as that sounds, it was a moment for me to stop for a minute and just be present with where I was. I was no longer worrying about the traffic or what I was going to do when I get home, but I was actually stopping to (literally) smell the roses. The relaxing essence of the store allowed me to soak up its presence and for me, moments like those are few and far between.

    Rosehouse not only provides for an excellent escape, but also a way to explore the South Broadway area. My siblings and I stopped into Steadbrook and Buffalo Exchange… surely a nice weekend outing!

  • Munch
  • Crepes N Crepes

    Crepes N’ Crepes: 2816 E 3rd Ave or 1512 Larimer St

    I have been coming to Crepes n’ Crepes for as long as I can remember. Not only have I been coming here on my own and with family, but I even remember traveling down to Cherry Creek with my French class in middle school for a field trip. At first, Crepes N’ Crepes was not on my radar when I started YDL, but this place is undoubtedly a staple destination for late-night eats. Whenever I am with my friends, it seems we always flock towards the food, especially those with sweets.

    Lately, I have been going for more of the savory crepes, particularly ham/turkey and cheese (can never beat this classic). However, if you are looking for that traditional Nutella and strawberries, you can definitely have that as well. I posted the full menu in the images section, so check it out!

    I have not posted anywhere in Cherry Creek yet! For those of you who have not traveled past the infamous mall, Cherry Creek North is awesome to just wander. The best is to just walk along 2nd and 3rd Ave and explore. After you finish your crepes, I recommend trying Aviano Coffee at 244 Detroit St.

  • Trek
  • Bow Mar

    It is almost December! As I have been scrolling through my recent posts, it seems I have sufficiently overwhelmed you all with enough places to get coffee and eat dessert… oops. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to reveal a place close to my heart: Bow Mar. I guess this doesn’t necessarily count as a place within the municipality of Denver, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t special! You may have heard of Bow Mar as merely a neighborhood surrounding a lake, but it is filled with places to hike and swim (whether you are a dog or not). It is not too far away, and it is a perfect place to escape to for some fresh air and a walk.

    My favorite trailhead starts at 5121 Pinyon Dr, Bow Mar, CO 80123 and leads along the west side of the lake. During the warmer season, you can go swimming on the east side of the lake. There is even a little beach! As you can see in my photo, Bow Mar is great for dogs, particularly those who love swimming and retrieving.

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  • Lula Rose General Store

    As you drive down East Colfax Ave today, you will certainly come across the infamous red and white building of East High School, the flashy sign of the Bluebird Theater, and many other grand and sparkling structures. But as you continue along and come across the corner of Colfax and Madison, you will discover a small, modest, and window-filled building that lies dormant among the towering structures surrounding it. Its simple “Coffee Shop” sign that emerges from the top speaks to a sort of ‘stuck-in-the-70s’ mantra. Yet the words plastered on its sign are only a small portion of the work done behind Lula Rose’s charming form.

    What I learned was that the Lula Rose General Store not only puts forth its simple yet delicious menu of drinks five days a week, but it also does flower markets on the weekends and sells canned jams. Paying homage to the building’s previous function as a flower store, the owner arranges the blooms himself.

    The shop’s location allows for easy access to City Park. I enjoyed taking my coffee down to the City Park Pavilion and strolling around Ferril Lake. It is also fun to walk just south of Lula Rose to “Colfax A Pl” and “Colfax B Pl” to look at the historic homes in the district.

    What makes Lula Rose General Store a place worth travelling to is merely its refreshing simpleness. I oftentimes find that the usual Starbucks can get overwhelming just because of the constant bustle. Lula Rose is special not only for its location, but the way it seems to just quietly sit through time amidst chaos.

    The address is:
    3434 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

  • Munch
  • South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market

    Usually around this time of year, we are bundled up in coats and knee deep in snow. Although I proudly admit to having a soft spot for warm fires, snow shenanigans, and cozy clothing (who doesn’t though, right?), the warm weather in Denver has certainly allowed for some great outdoor activities too.

    I have been traveling to South Pearl Street my whole life and just came to discover their amazing farmer’s market each Sunday. Whether it is tacos from Uno Mas or pizza from Kaos, South Pearl seems to consistently rock the food scene of Southeast Denver. Beyond the magnificent restaurants that are already there, the market brings vendors like Frangiosa Farms and Mile High Urban Farming.

    For a full list of all the vendors, see here: http://southpearlstreet.com/farmers-market/

    My favorites are:

    Born in Brooklyn Foods
    Euro Crepes
    Sexy Pizza

    More importantly, my favorite part about the South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market is the outing! I went on a beautiful, sunny day, and the best part about it all was simply getting out early in the morning and strolling through the market (although the food samples definitely didn’t hurt too). This busy time of year definitely calls for some fresh air. If you don’t have the time to drive to the foothills, just keep it simple and head to Pearl Street for some kombucha, breakfast burritos, soaps, and more.

  • Study
  • Bardo Coffee House

    With college applications and tennis after school, the last few months have been grueling, to say the least. I have found that I have needed to maximize the time I spend on homework because of the limited amount of time I have each night if I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I know that many high schoolers are feeling this same way but just remember that this is the last stretch. We are so close!

    Many of my friends have complained that it has been difficult to focus at home with so many distractions, so I decided to go searching for a new coffee shop that is perfect to hunker down and get studying.

    The Bardo Coffee House (238 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209) is a great place to venture to if you have a long night of studying ahead of you. They stay open until 1:00 am (although I hope nobody up studying that late). Many of the coffee shops I have found have lacked table surface area. When I like to study, I tend to spread my binders and work out across the table. It can be hard to fully engage when you are limited to a small amount of space. The Bardo Coffee House actually has large booths with gigantic tables that can accommodate up to four people studying at one table.

    Like most coffee shops, they have a wide array of coffee, tea, and sodas, but one thing makes Bardo specifically unique. They sell Sweet Action Ice Cream too! Sweet Action has always been one of my favorite ice cream spots in Denver. When I went to Bardo my first time, it was a hot and sunny day. Although those types of days are sadly coming to an end, I was able to eat some delicious ice cream to make my long hours of studying a little more enjoyable.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their fall break!

  • Neighborhoods
  • Zoe Ma Ma // Union Station

    Named after, “Ma Ma” herself, Zoe Ma Ma has officially conquered and topped my list of dumplings. My love for the food was first sparked by Vanessa’s on the Lower East Side this past spring. I truly thought that nothing could beat the New York City shop because it is NYC after all (aka food mecca). I remember travelling to visit my sister in Boulder a few years ago, and she pointed out one of her favorite restaurants just off of the Pearl Street mall. While I admit to forgetting about how delicious Zoe Ma Ma was in Boulder, I was reminded this last weekend — Zoe Ma Ma has arrived in Denver!

    I was walking home from the Rockies last home season game towards the light rail and decided to walk around the south side of Union Station and spotted it. After going in and revisiting the menu, my favorites remain:

    Original Potsticker
    Za Jiang Mian (noodle dish)
    Ma Ma’s Chicken Noodle Soup

    More importantly, Zoe Ma Ma is not just about the food, it’s about the experience! I have been meaning to post about the rebuttal of Union Station because it is has truly sprouted into a must- see Denver destination. Zoe Ma Ma’s location is perfect for exploring LODO. I recommend just going in and looking around Union Station. There is truly no need to buy anything inside, just go and appreciate the beautiful architecture! If you are feeling the need to top off your meal, Milkbox Ice Cream inside Union Station is great too. Personally, I love just walking around the neighborhood. Try exploring Wynkoop and Wazee Street by foot, or if there is another baseball game, a bike chariot is definitely an unforgettable experience too.

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  • Insomnia Cookies

    It seems as if I have developped a new sweet tooth recently. I am continuing along the dessert train today with a famous chain arriving just minutes from my own house. While it might not be exciting for everyone else in the country, it is exciting for us in Denver to have an Insomnia Cookies! When I was in New York, it seemed that there was an Insomnia Cookies everywhere I walked. I grew to love their sugar cookies and would stop in occasionally, but when I came back to Denver nothing really matched up. At the time, it felt like Insomnia may have just been a New York thing, but I soon learned that they are everywhere! Insomnia seems to be taking over all college towns and cities in the U.S. and their first location near to the University of Denver recently opened. We all know that hunger can overcome us at all times of the day and night, so it’s important that Insomnia delivers until 3:00am. Not only do they have warm cookies of all flavors, they have ice cream too! Think of any variation of cookie and ice cream and you can get it at Insomnia. From ‘Wiches to A La Modes to just right on top of your cookie, you will certainly be left leaving with a desire to brush your teeth.

  • Fun
  • D Bar

    We all know that a late night ice cream cone from a drive-thru is truly satisfying. While a quick, cheap dessert is no doubt special in its own, I think sweets deserve a little more respect than that. Why not make it a night out of it, right? After a long week of work, I think we deserve to celebrate the comfort foods of the world, and D Bar is doing just that. D Bar doesn’t just make desserts, they made a restaurant out of it! Located on 19th Ave and Pennsylvania, D Bar has a massive and delicious offering of desserts. I think it is especially fun to drive downtown for a night and indulge our inner sweet tooth. I could go on about each and every dessert, but I will let their menu do the talking. Here is a list of their desserts:

    Cake & Shake – 3 layer chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and a choice of milkshake
    Milk & Cookies
    Creme Brûlée
    Molten Cake Thingy That Everyone Has…
    Ch Ch Ch Churros!
    Frozen Flight – choice of 3 sorbets or gelatos
    Grab Your Beach Towel – passion fruit curd, coconut, key lime
    Rouge – rasberry sponge cake
    Cookie Monster – chocolate oreo soufflé
    B.Y.O. Sundae
    A Lil’ Sumpin’ Sweet
    Coke Float
    Root Beer Float
    Milk Shakes

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  • Bluebird Theater

    Red Rocks Season is coming to a close. While many may be sad about their outdoor summer nights coming to an end, it just means there are more concert options to venture to indoors! The Bluebird Theater up on Colfax has always had great, cheap shows for kids to come down to the City Park neighborhood and listen to some tunes! While the artists may not be your average mainstream sound, it is always fun to hear some new artists and genres. This theater is perfect for being spontaneous. Why? Their shows are usually not sold out, and they occur multiple times a week. I posted a picture of the upcoming schedule, but if you are looking for some additional info just visit http://www.bluebirdtheater.net/. The last time I went to a Bluebird concert, we went and got dinner beforehand at TAG Burger Bar which is just within walking distance of the concert. Why not make a full night out of it to explore the whole neighborhood, right? There are more and more shows at the Bluebird this late August / early September, so go listen some new music when you come back to school!