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  • Punch Bowl Social

    Other than Ace Eat Serve, the availability for teens to find a place to go get a good game is certainly lacking. While we may be past the age of heading to Elitch’s every weekend, there is definitely a special “grown-up” arcade with fun games on Broadway and 1st Ave.

    The Punch Bowl Social, taking up the majority of block on 1st, gives teens the experience to be able to grab food and play at the same time. Although they opened a few years ago, it seems their popularity seems to stay extremely high.

    My first time going to the Punch Bowl was only for a bite to eat. Although their popularity is certainly focused on the myriad of games, the food was quite good as well. I had a delicious Cubano and witnesses their beautiful looking wings. It offers all of your American staples from burgers to a chicken sandwich but also offers a few flares of Mexican and Italian influence.

    The games are certainly my favorite part of the experience. Ranging from ping pong upstairs to shuffleboard downstairs, the arcade and game section are always filled with kids and adults looking for some competition and fun. They also have a bowling alley and all its amenities for those looking to come bowl for a short or large amount of time.

    Certainly enough entertainment in one building, the Punch Bowl Social gives teens a way to get out and take a break from school for a moment by gaming it up without having to organize or rent equipment.

  • Trek
  • Evergreen Lake House Ice Skating

    As we dive into the depths of winter, it is certainly needed to get outside. But when you don’t want to go spend $170 on a one-day lift ticket to ski in the mountains, we have to search for some other options. Just a 40 minute drive into the foothills, the Evergreen Lake House offers daily ice skating on their frozen lake. Not only does it offer a fun way to get exercise with friends, but if you choose to take the Parmalee Gulch Road, one can experience a beautiful winding drive through Indian Hills.

    Inside the beautiful wooden house, anyone can come to rent skates if needed for $7 and head out onto the beautiful lake which provides beautiful views of the foothills. While we are skating on a lake, it is important to call the Hot Line (720-880-1391) to make sure that the ice is not too thin to skate on. Admissions fees are:

    Toddler: Free
    Ages 4-17: $6
    Ages 18-59: $7

    As I first arrived at the Lake House I soon learned that there were an abundance of hockey players coming in and out. Venturing out onto the lake, there were sectioned off hockey rinks for personal hockey games. The lake can be booked and sectioned off for broomball games, ice skating games, or even personal parties. In addition, there are skating classes that can be taken advantage of for those wanting to learn how to skate or improve their skills.

    The Evergreen Lake House gives anyone the chance to experience ice skating the old fashioned way while also getting out and enjoying the mountains. I highly recommend even if you aren’t planning on skating!

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  • WashPark – Wheel Fun Rentals

    Although you may be right in the city, it is still possible to get some exercise while having fun – even on the water! At the infamous Washington Park, Wheel Fun Rentals offers a variety of bikes, kayaks, paddle boats, and more. This time of year is perfect for everyone to get out and exercise before it gets too cold and WashPark is your ideal playground to explore and get out this weekend! Below are the different types of equipment and hourly rates:

    Single surrey (see pictures of a surrey): $25
    Double surrey (see pictures of a surrey: $35
    Deuce Coupe (lower, flat double bike): $25
    Chopper (lower, flat bike with two wheels): $12
    Quad sport (lower, flat bike with four wheels): $12
    Single pedal boat (see pictures of a pedal boat): $25
    Double pedal boat (see pictures of a pedal boat): $35
    Single kayak: $12
    Double kayak: $20
    Canoe: $20
    Stand up paddleboard: $12
    Cruiser bike: $12

    Wheel Fun Rentals is located on the south side of the lake and directly west to the boathouse.

  • Trek
  • Mt. Falcon State Park

    Just 45 minutes outside of Denver, Mt Falcon Park provides an excellent outlet for hikers, bikers, and picture-takers. After winding through Indian Hills, I finally reached the trailhead and immediately noticed the fall colors and their excellent display. There are several different loops, the Permalee Trail (pictured) being the longest and most difficult but includes a stunning overlook. While all the trails begin on a flat and wide path, they soon branch out and end with an amazing view! All the trails are less than 3 miles which makes Mt Falcon Park a great day trip for people in Denver looking to escape on the weekend. If you aren’t looking to hike, the park has 4 picnic tables with a fantastic view. Red Rocks and downtown Denver can be spotted from the top which makes for an incredible vantage point of the entire greater Denver area.

    Below is a Google Maps pinpoint of the parking lot / start of trail:

    21255 Mt Falcon Rd, Indian Hills, CO 80454

  • Study
  • Steam Espresso Bar

    Steam Espresso Bar, located on S Pearl Street just south of E Colorado Ave, is a great place to get studying! Whether it be for upcoming standardized tests or summer work, Steam has about 30 tables inside and outside. They also have an incredible juice consisting of beets, apples, carrots and ginger (shoved through an incredible juicer) – I had it and recommend!

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  • Eldorado Springs Pool

    Eldorado Springs Pool, just 20 minutes outside of Boulder, is truly a special venue. As I drove down the dirt road through the town of Eldorado Springs, I thought there was no way a pool could be hidden back here. Sure enough, it was, and there was much more with it as well. The naturally fed pool has a snack bar, pool, and diving board. It is also a close walk to Eldorado Canyon State Park which has many good hiking trails with good vantage points. The pool has a $10 entry fee but it is well worth it!

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  • The Market

    The Market, located on Larimer Square, is a bakery, deli, coffee bar, and much more. When I first walked in, it seemed like your quintessential coffee shop with pastries and such; however, as I ventured back I learned it was much more. I was soon greeted by ice cream, sandwiches, and other pre-made foods. It has plenty of seating and offers a unique variety of foods. I tried the ice tea (pomegranate green) but they have a variety of others and pre-packaged goods as well.

    I highly recommend this spot for anyone in the downtown area looking for coffee, pastries, lunch, or ice cream!

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  • Ruby Hill Park – Levitt Pavilion

    The Levitt Pavilion at Ruby Hill Park will soon be a great concert venue in South Denver. Its Platt Park Location offers great access for people living in suburban areas. The soon to be amphitheater will be able to seat 7,500 along its grassy hillside and will host 50 free concerts each year. Levitt Pavilion, which has other locations in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Arlington, is gifting free music to Denver.

    After photographing, I noticed the unbelievable view of Denver and its surrounding areas which can be seen from the top. Although the amphitheater will soon come into place, Ruby Hill Park is a great outdoor spot right now. With baseball fields, a swimming pool, and picnic benches, it is a great place to check out now for for nice weekends this summer!

    Website: http://levittdenver.org/introduction/

    Location: Corner located on W Florida Ave and S Platte River Dr, 1485 S Lipan St, Denver, CO 80223

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  • The Source

    The Source, located in the River North Art District offers a variety of restaurants and shops. With 13 different vendors, The Source has everything from tacos (Comita) to artisan cheeses and meats (Mondo Market).

    Some vendors are:
    Acorn – fine dining, sister restaurant to Oak which is in Boulder, New American cuisine, wood fired
    Babettes – French bakery, everything from croissants to morning buns
    Beet & Yarrow – floral shop
    Boxcar Coffee – coffee shop (named one of the best craft coffee shops in Denver by Thrillest)
    Collegiate Peaks Bank
    Comida – Mexican food, tacos, used to be a taco truck!
    Mondo Market – cheese and spice shop, include salts, oils, vinegars, artisan cheeses, dry cured meats, spices, meat, seafood, pantry items
    Svper Ordinary – art gallery
    Western Daughters – butcher shop

    The Source has a wide variety of options for anyone looking for a night out at one spot. Best dining options: Acorn and Comita (although Acorn a bit pricey). Awesome place to roam even if you don’t purchase anything – simply a cool place to hang out!

    Address: 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216

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  • Viewpoint Trail

    Viewpoint Trail, located off of Arapahoe Ave in Boulder, is a great hike for those looking for a fun day trip to Boulder. Taking about an hour to get up and back, the trail leads up to Panorama Point which gives a great lookout of Boulder and its surrounding areas. A relatively easy trail to get up and a view that is totally worth it in the end! Just five minutes outside of downtown Boulder, Viewpoint is very easy to conquer and also convenient for those wanting to have lunch on Pearl Street.

    Here is a dropped pin of the start of the trailhead: